What To Choose Wood Or Aluminum Camping Bed?

What To Choose Wood or Aluminum Camping Bed?

A camping bed is not just a bed but a bed solution for all occasions. It is useful and indispensable for many types of camping expeditions and excursions, especially if you have to wake up at night from sleeping on the ground and if you don’t want to fall off the edge of the tent due to wetness or cold.

There are different types of camping beds. The different types are collapsible and the others are not. The collapsible ones are made of canvas, vinyl, metal, or some type of material that can be easily folded.

Some Facts About Camping Bed

Most of the canvas camping beds are lightweight and are made of fabric materials. The lighter the material, the more convenient it is to carry and move around. It can be rolled up and carried while hiking and can be used as an additional bed when sleeping. For those who have small children in tow, these are good choices since they are easy to pack.

Ultralight First Aid Emergency Sleeping Bag
Ultralight First Aid Emergency Sleeping Bag

But if you don’t have very much space, you should avoid using collapsible camping beds for small kids. It can easily collapse into its folded form when the child has gone to sleep. It can also be torn down when the child wakes up in the middle of the night. Also, the weight of the material may not be suitable for children.

Folding camping beds are also very light in weight and compact. They can easily be stored away and brought along when moving to another place. They can also be stacked up, so this makes them easier to transport when trekking to another camping site.

Why Are Camping Bed Considered The Best

Aluminum folding beds are highly recommended because they can fold and unfold in seconds. They are sturdy. They are also very lightweight. Also, they are made of aluminum, which can withstand the loadings that are put on them.

Their main advantage is that they are very easy to clean and maintain. They require no special cleaning methods, except for wiping down the legs and the base of the tent with a cloth after use.

The aluminum camping beds are not recommended for use by small children or those who are too young to handle them. Most of the people recommend that children under age five are confined to a crib or bed for sleeping. This is because the metal material of the tent may prove too strong for their small bones.

Camping Folding Bed Is Best For Camping
Camping Folding Bed Is Best For Camping

Aluminum Is Good For Camping Trips

Aluminum is usually good for camping trips because it can be folded and stowed away in very small spaces. However, aluminum is not good for hiking. Some of the aluminum models have canvas covers to make them waterproof.

The plastic models are not recommended for trips because they are easily ruined or damaged by outdoor weather. Some can become corroded if left outdoors for long periods of time. Others may get punctured easily when being hiked.

Wood is often recommended for camping beds because it is also durable. The durability of the wooden beds comes from the dense nature of the wood. Most of the wood camping beds are lined with a lining material that makes it resistant to the weather.

Bottom Line

Wood is not recommended for trips outdoors because it tends to rot fast when exposed to sun. If it is left outside, the wood will become damp and decompose and begin to decay. It will be very easy to crack and splinter.

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