What Every Gardener Needs! Wear Gardening Gloves to Touch the Nature and Protect from Sharp Bushes!

As the weather warms up and many of us go out to give back the wild look to the garden. There is no doubt that spring will be the season for gardening and landscaping! When preparing to go out in the sun, it is best to prepare the necessary items. Well, who would not prefer their gardens to be perfect and beautiful. However, this cannot happen without proper gardening gloves. If you have read this page you have asked yourself an important question: do I have the right “comfortable” gardening gloves?

A close up of a hand

About the white cotton gardening gloves

Garden gloves are gloves worn to protect your hands during gardening and gardening. There are different types of gloves depending on your specific needs. Gloves can keep your hands clean and, depending on their strength, can protect your hands from stings, caustics, mild bites and sharp objects. The brand, Artknock provides these special gloves that weigh around 70g. They are thin and the outer and inner fabric material used to manufacture it are polyester and cotton. They are white in colour with green stripes down the wrist. 

A close up of a hand

Pros of the white cotton gardening gloves

  • They are lightweight, soft, and are convenient enough for handling gardening tools like trimmers or chainsaws.
  • They are washable and can easily go into the dryer, making them re-usable for over an year or so. 
  • They are also equipped with rearguards and reinforcements making them super versatile.
  •  They come in a pack of five, therefore, they can be used by multiple people at the same time and would go on for a long time. 
  •  They are more breathable as compared to latex and leather.

Cons of Cotton gardening gloves

There are no specific cons however, these gloves generate an immense amount of wasted fabric. It uses labor, therefore, it is labor intensive. Their colour may fade in the initial uses itself and their high possibility of them getting dirty since they are white in colour.


If not properly protected, gardening can be difficult. Invest in one or more pairs of gloves that protect your hands from blisters, thorns and cuts as you clean your garden. Therefore, having white gardening gloves would be the best purchase in order to save your palms and fingernails from getting bruised. They are extremely comfortable and will eventually make you plant more seeds! Although it might seem an easy task, however, there are a lot of things to consider before getting perfect gardening gloves for yourself. What are you waiting for? Choose the best and the comfortable gloves that would make you feel no less than a professional.

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