Ultralight Backpacking Basics: Know More


Ultralight backpacking might sound exciting, but does it even exist? Well, there is no such thing that will make sense to ultralight. You are the one who can decide your backpack will be lightweight or not. If someone is comfortable going on a trip or maybe hiking with less clothes then your backpack will obviously be lightweight. The less you will carry, the more you will enjoy. Firstly, make a lost of the things that are necessary to take while going on hiking. There might be food, clothes or maybe something to sleepover. But, try not to include things that might not be needed.

If you think that you are all set to make your bag super lightweight then here are some trips, that can be taken under consideration.

  • Replace Your Old Gear With A New One: If you are choosing a new gear, make sure that it is generally lightweight backpacking. You need to pay close attention to every single item and their weight. The total base weight can be around 10 pounds.
  • Weigh The Gear: You need to immediately find a luggage scale and weight to your current gear. After that make a note of your current base weight except fuel, water and food.
  • Figure Out The Tradeoffs: Well, a lightweight gear can e easy to carry but it will not be durable. So, whenever you are facing any sort of issues, you can simply sew your own backpack.
  • Make Some Gradual Changes: You should be assured that the more lightweight gear you will choose, the more you will have to pay. They can be really costly compared to your regular gear which is not so lightweight.
Ultralight Backpacking Basics: Know More
Ultralight Backpacking Basics: Know More

However, you must be thinking that how to make the backpack lightweight. There is obviously a trick. You need to think twice before putting your four largest items into your list which are shelter, backpack, sleeping pad, sleeping bag.


Whenever you are going on a trip or hiking, we generally think before going that where to stay.

  • Traps: If one is going to a place during monsoon, then they can create decent rain shelter out of any sort of ultralight trap. it generally requires stakes, couple trees, guylines and some trekking poles for support.
  • Bivy Sacks: You will find these weight between one and two pounds for any waterproof shell. You might require a bag near about six ounces.
  • Tents: Isn’t it the most popular and of course, cosy place to stay with your loved ones? You will find ultra weight one-person tent and you can easily carry those.


Generally, you will spot people with at least 65 litres of backpack but if you are searching for the lightweight one. You will find minimal padded, frameless 45-55 litre backpack. Though, there are a few smaller backpacks available as well.

Ultralight Backpacking Basics: Know More
Ultralight Backpacking Basics: Know More

Sleeping Bag:

The super lightweight yet useful thing will make you fall in love every now and then. It will keep you warm as well as comfortable. You will have the perfect sleep ever.