Top 3 Vegetarian Camping Meals Ideas

vegetarian camping food

When you’re camping, what better way to experience nature and comfort than in the great outdoors by eating healthy vegetarian camping food? Summer is camp season, and with summer being one of the busiest times for campers, good, fresh food is hard to find. Here are some healthy camping foods you can enjoy on your trip.

Peanut Butter And Jelly

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This recipe is very simple, but a delicious treat. Mix together softened cream cheese, a cup of soy milk, and two cups of reduced calorie or fat-free jelly. Spread a tablespoon of cream cheese over half of a cup of jelly and then add a second cup of the soy milk and lemon juice. Leave the mixture in the refrigerator overnight and you’ll have a delicious, healthy snack to enjoy the next day.

Oatmeal Cookies. This healthy recipe is easy to make, but it’s also great for overnight oats for a healthy snack. Cook oats in a couple of cups of water along with a cup of dried cranberries or raisins. Then, mix in a cookie recipe that uses nutmeg, cinnamon, or baking soda.

Healthy Homemade Meal

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A meal you can make in a few minutes is a great option for overnight trips. It’s fast and easy to prepare and best of all, it tastes great. Mix together one cup of chopped mixed vegetables, one cup of red or green beans, one cup of brown rice, and three tablespoons of low-fat or fat-free cream cheese. Spread the vegetable mix onto a piece of aluminum foil, cover and bake at 300 degrees for about an hour. Serve the potato and rice warm from the oven.

Quick Vegetarian Camping Meals

You may not have the time to sit down and cook a whole meal, so consider these quick vegetarian camping foods ideas to help you choose the most delicious meal for your trip. First, roast a small amount of veggies such as celery and potatoes (remember to remove the skin before roasting) over an open fire or in an old-fashioned stove for a light and healthy treat.

Easy Homemade Appetizers And Desserts

To make quick and easy desserts and appetizers, take a look at some of the recipes found on the Internet. They are easy to prepare and can be as delicious as they are tasty. Desserts such as ice cream sandwiches, banana bread cookies, yogurt molds, and apple pies are a great way to spend a little time in the great outdoors. These recipes usually just require food grade vegetable mix (which you can also make by mixing food grade baking powder and water). You can also purchase prepackaged or store bought frozen fruit and vegetables at any grocery store.

Foil Soups And Encores

The next thing you need to do is stock up on your favorite store bought juices and teas. After a hearty breakfast, serve yourself some of your favorite camping favorites such as hot dogs, eggs and hash browns. For dessert, de-stress with one of your favorites – a simple sugar cookie. To add some variation to this recipe, try substituting the bacon for a nice vegetarian sausage.

Final Words

Toppings. Depending on what you are preparing, try adding some fresh herbs, dried oregano, Cayenne pepper, parsley, mint and/or asafetida. If you are cooking a stew, try adding in some bone broth or liquid or chicken stock. No matter what type of meat you are using, try to make sure that you season it well, adding in any sweeteners (such as honey) so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the bowl.

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