Things You Must Have In Motorcycle Camping Gear List

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Motorcycling and camping allow one to enjoy and directly appreciate the great outdoors and nature – but it takes a little more planning to ride and camp than just turning up at a hotel or motel. This kind of trip necessitates careful preparation.

As motorcyclists, we are still searching for those remote stretches of road away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, where we can just roll on the throttle and enjoy the ride. These same roads often happen to lead to nice places to camp, so bring a tent and spend a few days of cycling.

1.Sleeping bags

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When we went cross-country, all of us used to make do with a tarp and a towel. But today, Biker Camper, you want a bit more for yourself. This is where a proper sleeping bag comes in. The old-fashioned Goose Down bags are also difficult to top because they compact faster than many synthetics. You must choose the type of bag that is ideally suited to the environmental conditions in which you will be travelling. Often get one that is rated for cooler weather than you believe you would need. It is still better to cool down than to warm up. Another thing to consider is whether to use a mummy bag or a regular rectangular bag.

2.Compact camping tent

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When it comes to motorcycle camping gear, the first thing you can consider is a shelter for yourself and your bike. A tarp was fitting for most of us old-timers back in the day. However, there are beautiful tents available today that are lightweight and come in every size you desire. A good rule of thumb for tent camping is to always pack a tent for + 1 person who will actually sleep in it.

3.Camp stove

Outdoor cooking over an open flame can be exciting. However, several camping areas no longer allow wood-burning fires, so you will need to adapt your campsites as part of the long-term effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

4.First Aid Kit

Other products to consider include waterproof matches, a snakebite kit (especially if camping in the southwest or western states), and an AM/FM weather radio. Coleman publishes a concise one with much of what you’ll need, which you can view here.


Make it a point to never leave the house without an all-purpose multitool. This is an absolute must for your lightweight motorcycle camping tour. A good knife is just as critical as a good motorcycle, and you can get the one you can afford.


To summarise, you can camp on any motorcycle – easier on a complete dresser, of course, but equally possible on any Harley – you just need to consider your luggage specs and loading methods more carefully.

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