Survival Camping Gear Essentials To Try This Season

Survival Camping Gear

Surviving in the wild is not as easy as you see on the televisions and movies. The survival depends on the human wit more than it depends on the survivor camping near, but it does not mean you can ignore the essentials while going on an adventure. The survival experts recommend having an emergency kit of equipment that you can carry with when you venture into the wilderness. The right gear makes a lot of difference when you are lost or injured. Here is all you need to know about having survival camping gear in hand.

Survival Camping Gear To Save Your Life

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A survival kit will have every essential that a hunter or explorer would need. It is usually left at the bottom of a backpack, and it stays there for years. The leanest survival kids even contain the tiny compass, some matches, rescue mirror, whistle, and fishing line. If you would like to be equipped to survive the wilderness, you can purchase the survival kit rather than finding out every essential one by one. A good example of the same would be Doug Ritter Pocket Survival Pack. It is a commercial option for people who are looking to take the minimalist route. This packet will be the size of a wallet and multi-use survival items, just like any other emergency kit. It might also help the injured explorers or lost adventurers signify the helicopters and any potential help they would need.

If you are planning to get the essentials on your own instead of going for a kit, make sure you have duct tape, pencil, safety pins, Aluminium foil, fish hooks, magnifying lens, stainless steel wire, nylon thread and Sewing needle, waterproof paper, whistle and the signal mirror and do not forget the fire starter.

Recommended Survival Kits And The Technology

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Survival kits are not just about the emergency essentials, and some technology can also be used to save space and effort. Here are 10 Essentials you would like to check out before you move on to the Technology Sector.

To tackle the wilderness situation, you might need a Heatsheets space blanket, gloves, water purification tablets, whistle, nylon line, waterproof matches, fire starters, signal mirrors, personal locator beacon, and a knife.

As for the technology update, you can use personal locator beacons provided by popular companies like Garmin, SPOT, and so on to help the adventurers work on the real-time tracks without falling off the grid. Likewise, you can check out satellite text messaging using satellite phones as it has become affordable. You can invest $300 and possibly $50 per month for unlimited texting from anywhere on the planet.


When you are going for the technology upgradation to be included in the survival camping gear, you should also be sure of how useful it could be for the kind of adventurer you are. We can suggest essentials like flashlights and whistles and emergency protection essentials like the knife, but there is no standard list of Survival camping gear applicable for all travelers. Take a look at all the essentials and find your combination.

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