Some Essential Tactical Camping Gear Items You Must Include In List

tactical camping gear

Camping is an adventurous activity that involves overnight stay away from your comfortable shelters, blankets, staying in a tent, and sleeping bags. Camping can teach us many things like how to be happy with little stuff, how good the food tastes after a long trek, how beautiful and surprising nature is, and to appreciate the people and things around us. For camping, there are many pre-planning you need to do, and the most important one has tactical camping gear for any kind of emergency. Tactical camping gear is having a set of important things you might need while camping.

Tactical Camping Gear- The Basic

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We are likely to forget something or the other, so it is better to make a list prior a week before you leave for

Food and water are the essential things because you need the energy to survive and enjoy the long trek.

A kit which will have all your cookware and utensils.

Tent- The best thing about camping is that you will spend a day with a bunch of new people, a night with a bonfire and under a tent where you will sleep.

Sleeping bag- You are going to sleep camping after a great trek, you will not be able to get the comfort of your bed and blanket, but a sleeping bag will help you at least get a good sleep.

Thick socks- If you are planning camping in winter, then a pair or two of thick socks are necessary, as you won’t like to freeze in the cold.

Extra clothes- Planning camping in winters can be a bit risky, so it is good to have extra warm clothes with you. Even if you are planning camping near June July, it is good to have extra clothes if you are visiting a hilly area, because it is likely to rain.

Tactical Camping Gear- Tools And Equipment

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Tactical camping gear is all about gears that will help you get through the difficult time if you are stuck, and these tools and equipment you can’t afford to forget when you are camping.


A map is a primary tool for any adventurous trip, camping, or trekking as it helps to navigate the unknown routes. You must carry a local map of the place you are visiting to decide where to visit and to know the places safe to visit.

Tactical Flashlight

Tactical flashlights are like any other flashlight you use for flash at night with the special feature of self-defense that combines the power to blind the attacker.

Fire-Starter Kit

A fire starter kit has all the items you need to light the fire to cook or to light a bonfire to enjoy the evening.

Waterproof Matches

Waterproof matches are made of chlorate coating, which allows them to burn up to 25 seconds. With these matches in your backpack, you have no fear of rain soaking them.

Survival Knife

Survival knives are helpful for fire building, shelter building, chopping, trapping, wood cutting. Survival knives are used in camping in many other ways, too, like self-protection.

Pepper Spray

Those girls who are camping alone or in a group they hardly know should have this in their bag for self-protection.


These are the few main tactical camping gears, basic items, tools, and equipment that will help you to have great camping. Make a list of all the things you need a week before to ensure you don’t miss anything at the moment and focus more on enjoy than regretting the things you forgot to bring.

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