Sleeping Bag Care: 7 Useful Tips


If you have a sleeping bag, it is evident that you love it very much. You also want it to stay with you forever. But that will not happen if you fail to take proper care of it. Thus, you should follow the sleeping bag care tips that I am going to list here.

These tips will make sure that the sleeping bad insulate properly and provide you its faithful service for a long time.

Sleeping Bag Care: 7 Useful Tips
Sleeping Bag Care: 7 Useful Tips

Sleeping Bag Care – Always Use Fresh Clothes

Make it a habit to sleep in dirt-free clothes always. Even if you are exhausted after the hiking or trekking, don’t slip in your dirty clothes. Change the clothes, have a bath to get rid of the dirt of your body, and then sleep. If your hair is oily and dirty, you can use a bandana or a knit cap to cover it. Thus, the oil or dirt from the hair will not stick to the sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bag Liner Is Very Helpful

To keep the bag clean, opting for the liner is wise. You can use cotton, wool, polyester, or silk liners for the sleeping bag as they are lightweight. They are the right barrier between the bag and your skin. Whenever you return from the tip, open the liner and wash it and then again use it on the next trip. It is as simple as that!

Do Not Keep The Bag On The Ground

Are you thinking of sleeping under the stars? Well, the idea is good and quite adventurous also, but do not place the sleeping bag on the ground. It is better to put a pad first, followed by the bag on it. This way, the fabric of the bag will not be dirty. Some materials are waterproof. But you have to make the bag safe from conifer pitch as well as sharp sticks.

Sleeping Bag Care – Be Gentle With It

If there is a campfire and you want to wrap the bag around you and sit by the fire, make sure you are at a distant place. It is because a spark from the fire can make a hole in it. Besides, don’t jump inside it as this might damage the toe box of the bag.

Want To Lend The Bag? Think Before That

If any of your friends want to borrow your sleeping bag, you must think about whether he or she will take proper care of it or not. Do not forget to fix a few rules. Also, you need to make them understand how cords and zipper work. Ask your friends to use a bag liner also.

Sleeping Bag Care: 7 Useful Tips
Sleeping Bag Care: 7 Useful Tips

Sleeping Bag Care – Keep Patience

The two-way zippers of the bag sometimes do not work correctly; they sometimes snag as well as get separated by the toe. So, before going on the trip, you should practice pulling it without any problem at your home.

Do Not Keep In harsh Sunlight

The UV rays of the sun damage the fabric of the sleeping bag. So avoid keeping it long in the sun. Try to turn the inside out one time every day so that no moisture remains inside the bag.