Camping Sink Foldable 15L Basin

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The Camping Sink Foldable 15L Basin can serve as a washbasin or bucket
It is foldable which makes it space-efficient; It has handles on the side for easy carrying
It is portable and comes with a storage bag
Material: Cloth/ Capacity: 15L
Full Size: 27 x 20 x 31 cm/ Folded Size (in pouch): 25 x 8 cm
Package Contents:
1 x Camping Sink Foldable 15L Basin
1 x Storage Bag


Camping Sink Foldable 15L Basin

Make your camping experience more convenient and enjoyable with the Camping Sink! It’s a foldable cloth basin that’s perfect for the outdoors! If love to go camping, you already know that almost everything is challenging to do there. Even things like going to the bathroom or washing your hands take a bit more effort. That’s why, the next time you go on an outdoors trip, make sure to take this camping sink with you. It is effective for storing water. It can serve as a sink or washbasin.

Portable and Convenient

What makes this item unique from the others is that it is collapsible. Regular buckets, especially those made of metal, can be very bulky to travel with. They can take up a lot of space and will only make your vehicle uncomfortable for you since it’s too full. Because this camping sink is of cloth material, you can fold it to save space and all you have to do is open it if you wish to use. It also comes with a storage bag with a handle which makes it easy to carry. The inside is a waterproof material that dries much faster than others.

Why You Should Buy It

When you’re outdoors, there’s no telling when you’ll find another water source. That’s why you need to take advantage of every clean water you find. You’ll need water not only for bathing but for washing hands and dishes too. It will be too much of a hassle to go back and forth every time you need water. To save you all that trouble, you can use this foldable bucket to carry up to 15 liters of water. It has side handles that allow for convenient carrying. Finally, it comes in 4 different vibrant colors to choose from.


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