No Cook Camping Food Ideas

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Most people end up eating boring canned food while camping because lack of proper cooking tools and ingredients. But, to enable you to enjoy your camping with delicious food as well, we have prepared some easy camping food list ideas that can be prepared in a jiffy with few ingredients. These items do not require complex cooking procedures.

Dry Camping Food List Ideas

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There are many dry items that do not get spoiled and can be taken to camping. Just store these in air-tight containers and cook them whenever you need. These include a jar full of crackers, pasta, rice, bread and cereal. Cereal and bread are instant foods that you can enjoy with milk and as a sandwich respectively. Also, do not forget to pack in dry milk powder to add to your teas and coffees. This works out better than using fresh milk everytime. You can save your milk cartons only for cereal and milk shakes.


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When packing beverages for camping, ensure that you have taken a few cartons of milk and juice for your cereals and breakfast. You can also put in some instant cold coffee packs if you are a coffee lover. Dunk in a few cans of beer as well in your food bag. Nothing beats the pleasure of sipping on beer while watching the sunset in a faraway camping site.

Sauces, Chutneys and Jams

When cooking your pastas or rice, you will need some instant stir-fry sauces and pastes to make your cooking easier and quick. You can add jars of tomato puree, marmalade, jam, pickles, ginger garlic paste, onion paste, scchezwan sauce and more than sauces. Jams, marmalades and pickles do not get spoiled easily. You can store them in air-tight containers and use them for long. They are the best companions for rice or bread. 

Tinned Foods

You can also pack some tinned and canned foods like corn kernels, olives, tuna, beans and soups for those instant and ready-to-eat foods. There are times while camping that you do not want to cook anything and yet have something great. Tinned foods are perfect for those times. You can just take out some soup and heat it for dinner, when you do not feel like cooking anything. You can just have toasted bread along with your soup to add in some carbs. Corn kernels can be tossed in butter and enjoyed plain, or you can also add them in rice and mix some schezwan sauce to make shezwan rice. 


Eggs are fuel foods that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner and even as a side dish. Eggs can be enjoyed poached, fried, boiled or scrambled. These do not need refrigeration and do not get spoiled for long.

This is the complete camping food list ideas that you must consider.

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