Motorcycle Camping Gear You Need For Your Next Camping Trip

motorcycle camping gear

Motorcycle camping gear isn’t much different than what you usually use for backpacking. You want simple, compact gear to store easily on your motorcycle, and it should be lightweight to make it easy to fit on your bike without getting in the way of your motorcycle. Lightweight, compact motorcycle camping gear is particularly important if you ride off-road to get to your vacation spot. Motorcycle backpacks are great for easy storage, and many motorcycle accessories manufacturers also offer motorcycle-specific gear.

Plan According To The Weather

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If you plan, there’s very little chance that you’ll have any problems with your motorcycle camping gear. You can take your time and pack according to the weather and plan when packing your gear. For most rides, you’ll want to start packing at least a week before you leave on your trip and continue packing a few days before you ride. This gives you plenty of time to plan out your gear and get all the items you need, but it also gives you plenty of time to make sure you have everything you need.

Start planning your motorcycle camping gear a few weeks before you leave on your trip. You’ll want to figure out whether you’ll have a shower or a washing machine at your hotel. Some hotels offer both, and you may want to choose one close to where you’re staying. Some people like the independence of having their shower and washing machine, so consider that option if available. Also, if you’re going to be away from home for any length of time, it’s nice to know that you have an emergency location for putting your dry clothes in and for stowing your wet ones.

Camping Gear That You Will Need

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Motorcycle camping gear that you’ll need includes a tent, a ground cover, some meals ready to eat, and of course, a place to sleep. One of the best brand names in the motorcycle tent market is the Marmot Orbit. The Marmot Orbit tent is specially designed to survive the wear and tear of the great outdoors. Because it is designed to withstand rain and wind, the Marmot Orbit tent is the perfect tent for campers who want to avoid a regular camping tent’s disadvantages.


Another great motorcycle camping gear brand that is designed to work in harsh weather conditions is the Coleman. Coleman tents are specifically designed for backpacking trips in rough terrain. They are a well-respected brand in the camping industry, and they offer many different options in a wide variety of sizes. If you are going on a long trip that spans many days, you will want to invest in a good sleeping bag, and Coleman is one of the better manufacturers of sleeping bags that can be purchased for short trips like camping or road trips.


Other great motorcycle camping gear brands include the Sherpa, which is well known for its comfortable and sturdy tents. You must select a tent that is going to stand up to extreme weather conditions. Some of Sherpa’s best models come with a built-in air mattress to provide extra comfort for those unexpected cold nights. Another popular tent that you may want to consider is the Radfahr tent from Black Wolf. This tent offers a unique hook and loop system to make it easy to set up the tent and also includes a headlamp to make nighttime trips safer and easier.


Another important piece of camping gear to consider when packing for a road trip is your helmet. You should always wear a helmet, as there is nothing more frightening than being knocked unconscious from a bike accident. Before you put your helmet on, you should ensure that it is clean not to get a rash once you are inside the car or your motorcycle. Once you have put your helmet on, you should proceed to do the proper preparation to secure it properly. First, you should never forget to stuff your water bottles. The best way to do this is to use a waterproof bag to store water while you are on the road.

Final Words

It is important to pack plenty of food and water into your bike as well. If you ride for a long distance, you will want to make sure that you have plenty of food and water to keep yourself supplied. Besides food and water, you should also pack some energy-boosting fuel such as a cigarette lighter or a small battery-powered device. These are much better alternatives to flashlights and lanterns to make sure that you have plenty of light during the night.

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