Mosquito Repellent Tricks and Remedies That Work

Mosquito Repellent Tricks and Remedies That Work

Dealing with mosquitos is a challenging task. They are found everywhere in open and closed places. Sometimes they are in your surroundings no matter the cleanliness you maintain. These are a significant issue while camping. These pests carry many diseases and spread in water. Although there are many types of mosquito repellent available in the market, many are not effective in open places. But you need not worry, here are some amazing tricks that can help you keep as mosquitos repellent.

Mosquito Repellent Tricks and Remedies That Work
Mosquito Repellent Tricks and Remedies That Work

1. Burn Sage Mosquito Repellent

Burning sage is a great solution to keep mosquitos away while camping. Burn sage in your campfire, and the smoke will keep mosquitos away. Also, its smell will settle in your clothes and will act as mosquito repellent even when you are sitting away from fire.

2. Bug Repellent Bracelets

Bug sprays kill mosquitos, but they help in the house only. Because in the open, the spray becomes ineffective. Also, you breathe in the chemical while using sprays. So, bug repellent bracelets or bands are the solutions. As while using bands or bracelets you face, fewer chemicals. These bands release chemicals in the air and thus, keeps mosquitos away from you.

3. Dryer Sheets

Using Dryer sheets also keep mosquitos away. Using it around your sitting area at camps keep mosquitos away.

4. Use Mint

Spraying the camp area with a solution containing mint will act as a mosquito repellent. Bugs hate the smell of mint. So keeping mint with you like a spray, sanitizer or on clothes will help repel insects.

5. Lights Or Candle

These bugs attack less in light. So, keep the lights on because lighting a candle will help in these situations. Also, the smoke from the candle will repel mosquitoes, flies, and some other insects.

6. Vinegar And Other Citrus Peels

As they cannot stand the smell from strong scents, vinegar is also an effective solution. Gently dab some vinegar on your skin with cotton. Also, you can rub some vinegar on a table cloth at the campsite. Further, you can rub peels of citrus fruits, and this will keep bugs away.

7. Metofluthrin Diffuser Mosquito Repellent

This diffuser emits metofluthrin vapors. Thus, it also acts as an excellent repellent.

8. Essential Oils For Mosquito Repellent

Some essential oils contain herbs that act as a repellent. Using these essential oils in sprays and skin cares also helps keep these bugs away.

9. Coffee Grounds on Stagnant Water

An old technique was used by people to clear mosquito eggs from water. They sprinkled coffee grounds on stagnant water as a disinfectant. Thus, you can use this trick near your camping sites if it had rained before camping.

10. Garlic Mosquito Repellent

Garlic kills mosquito larva before hatching. Consuming garlic as well as rubbing it on your skin will act as a mosquito repellent. But if you are worried about the smell then boil some crushed garlic and then use it as a spray-on yourself. Spraying garlic will have the same impact and will reduced odor.

Mosquito Repellent Tricks and Remedies That Work
Mosquito Repellent Tricks and Remedies That Work


Thus, all these tips will help you avoid these dangerous pests. Most of these tips are chemical-free and natural. Hence, they will not have any adverse impact on your skin and will keep you safe from chemicals as well as mosquitos.

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