Learn Some Car Camping Tips and Tricks

car camping tips and tricks

If you’re new to camping, the chances are good that you’ve stumbled onto this article looking for some car camping tips and tricks. After all, car camping is one of the most popular ways to spend a week at the campsite. With all the tips and tricks out there, how do you know which ones will work for you? Well, the first step in choosing your camping spot is to decide what camping trip you are going on, and whether or not you will be camping with a car or with a campervan. Some people choose to camp in designated campsites, others prefer the flexibility and freedom offered by a caravan. Once you know exactly what type of camping experience you want, you can start looking into different options.

Check Authorities

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One of the most important car camping tips is to check with local authorities about where you’re going to be camping. Some campgrounds are open only on certain nights, or only during certain times of the day. Check this out before you leave so that you can make sure that you won’t be in violation of any laws. Even if you don’t pay attention to local laws, the law is still in effect; just not in your favor.

Another important car camping tip is to check your car. There’s nothing worse than planning a camping trip, only to find out that your car doesn’t actually fit in any campground. It’s frustrating, and you may end up wasting gas and damaging your car. So be sure to check your car before setting out.

Pack Light

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But if you’re traveling with a campervan, there are many car camping tips and tricks that you can use. One of the best tips is to pack lightly. Although we think of campers as being strictly outdoorsmen, that isn’t always the case. Many people enjoy car camping because they get to escape the city and experience the great outdoors, so be sure to pack lightly.

Another great car camping tip is to keep an eye on your mileage. If you know your car’s average mileage each week, you’ll be able to estimate how long you’ll be gone. Keep track of your gas mileage as well, so that you’ll know exactly how much you’ll need to bring. This will help you figure out how many miles you can expect to go without gas.

No Unnecessary Items

When packing for your car camping trip, one of the most important camping tips and tricks is to never, ever pack unnecessary items in the car. For example, don’t put all of your wine in the trunk. In order to avoid this, choose your destinations carefully, and pack everything in the car that you really need to take with you. Even if it isn’t a lot, that’s going to be better than bringing all of your junk along and only leaving behind the essentials. Car camping tips and tricks like these will definitely help you enjoy your trip!

One other great car camping tip involves ensuring that your car doesn’t smell like anyone else’s car before you leave it at home. If you’re staying at a hotel or even at a campground, you’ve probably scented other people’s car with the wonderful aromas coming from the woods. Don’t let this happen to you!


In order to really enjoy your car camping trips, you have to be comfortable. To do this, you need to make sure that your clothing is comfortable and easy to get in and out of. You’ll also want to pack a little extra because camping can be exhausting. A great car camping tip is packing food that is nutritious and easy to digest. By ensuring that you are comfortable and prepared, car camping will be much easier for you.

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