How To Use Trekking Poles And Hiking Staffs

How To Use Trekking Poles And Hiking Staffs

Trekking poles and hiking staffs offer support to the hikers, trekkers, and walkers to maintain their grip and balance. With so much variety of the same available in the market today, you must know how to choose the best ones for you. 

Length Of Trekking Poles

While trekking your elbows must be at a 90-degree angle as you hold the pole. This is possible only when you use the perfect sized pole. While some poles are adjustable, others are of a fixed length. Based upon your height, choose the best trekking pole and hiking staff for yourself. 

In case of an adjustable pole, you must know to set it in a proper length, to avoid any extra stress on your arms and body. 

How To Use Trekking Poles And Hiking Staffs
How To Use Trekking Poles And Hiking Staffs


  • Adjustable Poles: Most of the trekking poles are adjustable in length. It allows you to set their length according to your needs. For instance, while walking uphill, you have to shorten the pole size and on the other hand, lengthen it while moving downhill. 
  • Non-Adjustable Poles: The trekking poles that cannot be adjusted in length are lighter than the adjustable ones. It is so because the former operates with only a few parts as compared to the latter. 
  • Foldable Poles: The foldable poles are mostly preferred amongst the trekking folks because of their lightweight and easily packable nature. 
  • Shock-Absorbing Poles: These trekking poles absorb shocks while you are walking downhill. This feature can be disabled, too, while going uphill. It is recommended to go for shock-absorbing poles only if you have any problems or injuries in the joints. 
  • Standard Poles: These are similar to shock-absorbing poles but vary in intensity. Standard poles do not absorb similar impact while moving downhill but do offer some support as shock-absorbing poles.

Tips To Use Trekking Poles

Know The Rhythm: To have a smooth trekking experience with a pole, you must know the right way to walk with it. Follow the rhythm of putting right left with the left pole and vice versa. You may fail to follow it up during the first few attempts, but with the time you will get used to it. 

Double Planting: There may be times when you might be tempted to use both the poles simultaneously and take two steps at a time. Double planting only works while going uphill when you require more stability of grip. 

Walk Naturally: If you are a beginner, you are sure to feel awkward to walk with the help of a pole. In such cases, try to walk as freely and naturally as possible. Give it some time, and soon you will be comfortable with it.

How To Use Trekking Poles And Hiking Staffs
How To Use Trekking Poles And Hiking Staffs

Trekking poles are made of aluminum and composite. If you seek for a durable and economical one, you must choose the aluminum poles. It may sometimes bend if you put too much stress into it, but breakage is very unlikely. The composite poles are comparatively costly. They help to reduce vibration but are more prone to damage under extreme conditions.