How To Choose A Backpack For You

How To Choose A Backpack For You

If you are an adventurous person and often opt to go for traveling and trekking, you must have all the essential stuff. Amongst the other things, having a good backpack is mandatory. Your bag must be a strong and reliable one. It must be spacious enough to accommodate all your essential belongings and comfortable to carry at the same time. 

While choosing a backpack choice is to be made on three criteria: capacity, features, and fit.

How To Choose A Backpack For You
How To Choose A Backpack For You

Capacity Of The Backpack

While traveling, we need to carry a lot of things. Based on the amount of stuff you wish to carry the backpack of your choice. Also, keep in mind the fact that the weight of the backpack has to be carried by you. So keep it as light as possible. 

If you are heading for a weekend trip, go for the less bulky gear backpack. You can easily carry stuff for around three nights in it. Keep your things organized to make more room inside it. But if you are going for an extended trip, choose the packs that can carry 70 liters at least.  

Features Of The Backpack 

Depending upon the utility, choose the features you want in your backpack. The more the features, the more useful it will be. Some features to look for are:

  • Ventilation: The Bag is placed against your back. While walking with it, it tends to get sweaty at times. To avoid such issues, you can go for the packs that have a mesh back panel to reduce the sweat. There are also ventilation chimneys attached to the back panels that let the airflow and control sweats. 
  • Pockets: Having a good number of pockets enhances the utility of the pack. For instance, there are elasticized side pockets that stretch out when you put things inside them. You may use the hip belt pockets to carry small stuff like keys, candy, headphones, etc. 
  • Raincover: This is an important feature to look for. In some packs, the interiors have a waterproof coating. Although some water is bound to go inside through the zipper, having a rain cover can offer enough protection to your pack.    
How To Choose A Backpack For You
How To Choose A Backpack For You

Fit And Comfort

You do not just carry a backpack; you wear it like any of your clothes. So, comfort is an important criterion to emphasize while choosing the perfect backpack. Ensure that it fits you well by keeping in mind the following things: 

  • Waist Size: 80% of the weight of a backpack falls upon your waist and is supported by the hips. Go for the pack that has a hip belt of your size. Some bags also come with interchangeable hip belts.
  • Gender-Specific: Both gender i.e., men and women, have different built. So, depending upon your preferences, choose the backpack of your choice. 
  • Youth Specific: There are backpacks specially designed for children. They are small in size with limited capacity. For the teenagers, the women packs are also favorable to use. 

A backpack has a significant role to play in making your trips more enjoyable, comfortable, and safe. So based on your needs, choose the best one for the best adventure.     

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