Here Is A List Of The Ten Essentials


Ten Essentials are fundamental for you to know. If you are planning to go to a backcountry, these ten essentials will come in very handy. This is all the more true on a day when you are going out hiking. If you are going on a routine trip, you might not have to use all of them. But it is when something goes wrong, that you will understand its importance. If you are going in this year, then you will certainly have to update it.

1. Why Do You Need A Compass And A Map When You Go Out?

The Map and the compass are the two most essentials that you will need for navigation. Apart from these, you will also need an altimeter watch, a personal locator, and even a GPS device. If you are going for a short footpath that is not easily possible to miss or a natural train, then you must carry a topographic map. Along with this, you will also require a compass. This compass, along with the knowledge of map reading, should come in very handy. There are specific GPS devices, watches as well as smartphones that have an electronic compass inbuilt in them.

But along with these, it is also a good idea to carry a compass that has a base plate. The most significant advantage of carrying these compasses is that they have very little weight. They also do not need a battery. All these features make them all the more vital.

2. The Need For A GPS Device, Altimeter Watch and PLB Are Also Among The Ten Essentials

With the help of a GPS device, you can find the exact location by using a digital map. There are also specific GPS devices that you can use for traveling outdoors. They are also inbuilt as well as waterproof. You can also use a smartphone that has a GPS app. Whichever gadget you carry, all of them operate on batteries. It is, therefore, essential to keep track of the battery charge.

10 Essentials
10 Essential

Other than this, you will also have to carry an altimeter watch. This is also an extra navigational tool that you should bring with you. It has a barometric sensor. This will help to measure the pressure of the air. The GPS data will help you to find out the elevation. With this, you will be able to track your progress. You will also be able to determine your exact location. You will have to activate a personal locator beacon, and in case of emergency, the message will go to the emergency personnel.

Know the 10 Essentials
Know the 10 Essentials

Apart from the navigation devices, you will also need a sun protection device along with a headlamp and first aid box. Along with this, you will also need a first aid box, a knife, fire supplies, and emergency shelter. The last and the three most essential items include extra food, water, and clothing.

10 Essentials
10 Essentials

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