Coachella Camping Tips – Things To Remember When Camping Around The Coachella Valley

This was written based on my experience last year when I went to my first ever music festival. Camping is all part of this cool music festival experience and yet had a bad time. But would have also been much more prepared and researching more about what to expect on camping at Coachella this year. So make sure you take great notes on these top camping at Coachella ideas!

First thing you need to do is get your RV ready for the beautiful California desert. I know it can be tough to pull off especially in the summer but seriously plan on spending most of your camping trip without checking out the beautiful desert. Also take some time to get some of your camping at Coachella campgrounds in advance. These are free and can be found around the campground. This is probably the best way to see some of the scenery. And when you do get to your camp spot don’t forget to take some time to get out and enjoy the beautiful desert views.

Gears To Carry

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Once you find your RV parked in the right spot, next thing you need to do is check out the coachella camping grounds. You may be going to the very end of the campground that’s why it’s important to start here. This will give you a good idea of how much space you have. If you have a smaller camper, don’t worry, the campsites are still large enough to accommodate most people. Just make sure you know how many people will be sleeping at your campsite so you have plenty of room.

Camping at the Coachella Music Festival is a fun and exciting experience. It’s also a perfect camping trip for many people because it’s so spread out. It’s not far from Palm Springs and it’s just an easy drive. So many people prefer to camp in the desert to stay at a hotel because they don’t have to worry about the hassles of taking care of a hotel’s guests.

Know The Best Tips 

The very first camping trip we have for you is to be prepared before you leave for your trip. The coachella car camping grounds will only have the bare essentials, so if you bring a tent, camping chairs, cooking equipment and some food it will be limited to what you can bring. There are plenty of choices in parks around the Coachella valley so there’s no need to spend too much time deciding which campground to go to. A good idea would be to pack everything you think you might need, then go visit some of the local camping spots and see which ones offer the services that you want.

Another tip would be to purchase some extra camping supplies such as tent stakes, utensils, cooking equipment and trash bags. There are a lot of great campgrounds in the Coachella valley that allow you to stay for free and you don’t have to pay to use their bathrooms. They also allow you to camp for free and if you’re a bit crafty you can make your own food at your campsite. This way you won’t need to bring expensive food items with you every year. If you do decide to buy some food and other supplies, then you might consider bringing some of your family members along.

Camping Is Easy 

Another thing that you should remember when learning some simple and easy to follow camping tips is to choose the most preferable car camping sites you can find around the Coachella valley. Some of the most preferred car camping locations include Marthenslowe Camping Park, Windan Trail Campgrounds and the Tule Mountain campground. These three have everything you need to enjoy your stay on your outdoor adventure, and they are located within a reasonable walking distance from the Coachella campgrounds. There’s also plenty of other beautiful locations to choose from if you prefer to stay closer to civilization.


If you want to save money on your camping trip, you can consider buying your own camping tent or car camping trailer. If you opt to buy a tent, you can find many discount prices at local camping or outdoors stores. The tent that you will buy will come with a variety of features such as waterproofing, mesh windows and ceiling vents. You can also find different types of poles, hooks and other hardware that you might need. When buying a camping trailer, you can look for one that offers both protection from the elements and easy storage. A lot of campers prefer buying a camping pass because it allows them to save money on their camping trips by allowing them to camp at designated camp spots for a set price each day.

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