Choosing Canoe Camping Gear That Works Best For You

canoe camping gear

When purchasing your equipment, there are many options to consider, and there are several types of canoes to choose from, including inflatable, wooden and gas canoes.

Types Of Canoe

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The type of canoe you choose depends entirely on your needs. In general, the more specialized the equipment you buy, the more you are likely to pay for it. Because of this, it is necessary to think about what exactly you will be using the canoe for, before making any final decisions. This includes finding a canoe that matches the recreational activities you plan to use it for.

The next consideration is the type of water that the canoe is designed to handle. Paddler canoes are best used on swift, easy-flowing rivers and lakes. They offer plenty of room for people to wade and paddle while still maneuvering in the water. However, if you are planning to tackle a river or stream, you may want to consider a class 5 canoe. These are much larger than their pontoons and are generally suited for rough waters.

Determine Your Plan To Bring Your Canoe On Long Trips

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For the purposes of safety, you should also determine whether you plan to bring your canoe on long trips. If so, look for one with a longer hull. The longer the canoe, the better for maneuverability. You can also get a canoe that has a lower center of gravity. Although this may increase your overall cost, you will have better control over it when trying to navigate through rippling waters.

Once you have decided which type of canoe you need, you must think about the gear required to operate it. The canoe’s bow eye is the console where you will store your fish catch. Some canoes come with a gear loft, which is great for keeping your gear organized. Other gear for the bow eye includes a hatchet and anchor. If you decide to bring your canoe on the road, make sure you install vehicle mounting straps to ensure a safe ride.

Other Important Gear

Other important gear includes an emergency supply kit and a flotation device. The emergency kit should include extra food and water supplies. It should also include a supply of bandages, antibacterial medicines and cotton balls. Another essential piece of gear is a first aid kit. Bring along gloves, rain gear, and fire wood.

In addition to these necessities, it is also important to bring a canoe trailer in order to carry other equipment while canoeing. This is usually held on board and is meant for items such as fishing gear, canoeing lights, and paddles. The canoes wheels can also be loaded from the rear. Other things to consider are a set of locking canoes with a lock door. You may also need a canoe trailer tow rope to help you drag a canoe with the use of a chain, winch, or a rope.


Always choose reputable dealers when purchasing canoe camping gear. Make sure they are licensed and insured. Ask about the warranty on their products and read all the fine print. When making a purchase online, read the exchange policy carefully before purchasing. Shipping charges and taxes may affect your total purchase. Online stores are usually able to provide better deals than brick-and-mortar stores, but it is always safer to make your purchase from a reputable dealer.

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