Cheap Camper Camping Accessories

cheap camping accessories

A camper ride is loads of fun, but you can make it better with some useful camper camping accessories. These make your trip comfortable and convenient. Here is a list of the best accessories you should invest in.

Water Pressure Regulator

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It is necessary to have a water pressure regulator in your Camper as often a pressure outburst may result in flooding your vehicle. Cheaper pressure regulators are not good enough to maintain the water pressure. One time pressure regulator gives you good results. It is made with a ‘dial in’ technology that lets the pressure coming into your rig at a uniform speed and force.

RV Water Filter

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You will need a water filter for your camper while traveling. While on the go, you will be taking water from different sources and hence, it is important to have a water filter that can filter and sediment out the impurities ensuring you do not fall sick because of contamination.

Shore Power Cord

You get this one in 50 amp or 30 amp. Some RVs have a power cord, but if yours does not, you can use this one. Do not use a regular house extension cord as it may catch fire. An TV power cord is an essential camper camping accessory.

Sewer Hose

If your camper has a composting toilet, you won’t need this. But if not, you need a sewer hose to ensure that the excreta goes down into the sewer. This is a necessary accessory if you want to go in for a camper ride.. 


The place where you choose to park your camper might not be leveled. It is more important to have a leveler especially if you have an absorption fridge. If you want to sleep at a particular angle, then leveler helps to level the surface. This product is a leveling block that is important.


A chock is an important gadget that prevents your Camper from rolling away when parked. These are more useful for travel trailers which do not have any automatic brake. The small yellow ones are not useful, and so you should not waste money on them. 

Holding Tank Treatment

Holding tank treatment is necessary if you do not want your RV to smell. This treatment helps to break down the tank matter so that it does not clog. This product also deodorizes. This treatment is a safe preventive that does not make your tank clog.

Disposable Gloves

This is again an important accessory you will need while doing the holding tank treatment and many such other tasks.

Collapsible Kitchen Bowls

These are necessary tools for your kitchen as you will have to save space. Collapsible kitchen bowls can be enlarged as per requirement and also shrunk when not in use.

Stemless Wine Glasses

Invest in pretty wine glasses without stems as these are easier to stack and use in a moving vehicle. Stem wine glasses are difficult to store and also maintain.

These are some of our most useful camper camping accessories.

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