Car Camping Accessories That You Will Be Needing

Car Camping Accessories

Camping in a car is simply one of the most cost-effective ways to save on a long road trip. But that doesn’t mean that you can never have all of the modern conveniences in a campground! Here are the three most important car camping accessories for a great camping experience in your car!

A first and foremost, you must ensure that you have ample car camping accessories onboard your car. The best type of accessory would be a mobile tent. A mobile tent is a perfect addition to a camper van or a camper truck if you are looking for extra protection from the elements. It provides a cover over your sleeping bags or sleeping pad, keeps the cold air away from your head, and provides insulation between your sleeping bag and your car’s interior. These can make life in your camper van or truck much warmer and more comfortable!



For car campers who like to camp out year-round, a cooler is an important accessory for them. These can help keep your food fresh and free from moisture while they are being stored in the trunk of your camper van or truck.

If you are a camper van or truck driver who will camp out often, you should invest in a portable water filter. This will allow you to carry enough water for your campers or you, when you are out camping. This also helps to keep your campervan or truck fresh smelling with fresh water!

One of the most important car campers accessories that you could own is a camping stove. A stove is a must-have for anyone who plans to camp out because it serves many different purposes. It is perfect for people who want to have hot meals but don’t want to cook or for people who want to cook and store food in a tent.

If you have kids in the car, you might want to consider having a cooler. These coolers are very easy to set up and can keep the foods inside chilled. Even better, you won’t need to take a big cooler with you to the campground! With the cooler, you can keep your drinks at an ice-cold temperature so that they are always refreshing.

Storage Space


Campers need a lot of storage space. Many campers have awnings that they can put their tents upon while they are sleeping. The best car campers accessories that you could invest in are the awnings. They will make for easy setup and takedown and quick repairs, especially if you happen to get them caught in a storm! Some awnings can be made out of aluminum, canvas, mesh, wood, or plastic.

You will need to find the car accessories that best suit your lifestyle. There are car camping accessories that you won’t need, but that is extremely useful.

Roof Ladder

For example, you could use a roof ladder that goes on the underside of your camper van or truck. This will allow you to climb over the side of the camper van or truck and access the outside of your vehicle without having to climb over the side. You could even put hooks on the bottom of your camper van or truck to hang heavy objects or supplies like flashlights, radios, flashlights, and other items that you will need while camping out.

Consider Having A Seat That Comes With Wheels 

If you have a camper van with bench seating, then you may want to consider a seat that comes with wheels. That way, you can have an elevated seating option to pull out to take advantage of the bench seating while you are traveling. Even if you do not have any seating, you will still be able to put some cushions under your legs while sitting!

Some car campers have small kitchen islands built into the side of their camper van. By placing a microwave or a small refrigerator on top of these islands, you will be able to cook the foods you cookout of the camper van. This is a great way to keep your food chilled and fresh while waiting at the campground.

Final Words

Most car campers will enjoy having a variety of different accessories. Don’t forget, though, that some car camping accessories are expensive and that means you will be spending more money than you would if you buy a new car!

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