Camping Tips For Kids to Make Your Camping Trip Fun

camping tips for kids

Here are some camping tips for kids that can help to ensure that your child has a great time on their camping trip. It is a good idea to talk to your kid before the trip and explain to them the purpose behind it. Explain to them that camping is a great way to let them feel that they are away from technology and other people but still have a home. Explain that at night things are a bit eerie but that this is a good thing because it means that your kids are safe.

An Overview

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Some campgrounds have special areas just for kids who are afraid of the dark. They may not be able to sleep in a tent if it is pitch black, but they can stay out in a campground that has no light. If you know where the camping area is then you can bring your kid and show them where the camp fire is but be warned that most campsites do have lights but if your kids are too afraid then these lighting facilities may be unsuitable for your family camping trip as these campsites are often very remote and you won’t be able to hike to the camp site. Another tip for kids who are afraid of the dark is to buy a camping flashlight that you can leave with your kids in case they get lost in the forest.

The other one of the very important camping tips for kids is to make sure that they take plenty of food and water with them so that they are prepared for a long and tiring trip. You may find that you do not need to bring much as your own food and water is sufficient enough but kids can tend to get really hungry especially at night so make sure that you have packed enough food with them. You can also use baby food as there are many stores that carry camping food that you can use for the trip. Most kids prefer to eat fresh fruit and vegetables over pre-packaged foods but it is up to you as to how much and what kind you pack.

Additional Tips

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One of the other tips for kids that parents must know about is that they must have a first aid kit with them so that they can immediately help any injury that they may get on the camp grounds. There are different types of injuries that may occur depending on the environment that they are playing in so it’s best that you have a first aid kit at hand. In this way, you will be able to deal with any emergency situation that arises without delay. The first aid kit should contain bandages, antibiotic ointment, anti bacterial ointment and pain killers. You can also provide your kids with a blanket to cover their bodies in case they get cold.

Camping tips for kids can also involve packing a sound machine that will enable you to keep peace in your camper when the ground is full of noisy tourists. It is not advisable to leave kids alone in the camper with the camper doors open as this could result in the death of your child. You can buy or rent a sound machine which is more ideal as it produces white noise that only children can bear.

Pack Varied Things Well

Packing toys and blankets for your babies are among the other camping tips for kids that you need to consider so that you can ensure that your children are safe no matter where they go. A four-year old does not need a lot of stuff, so you should choose the things that your baby needs the most. For instance, your toddler does not need a lot of toys as babies do not require toys to occupy their time. Instead, make sure that you pack a few books for your babies as they love reading books.

If you are camping with your babies then one of the most necessary things that you should consider is a bottle maker. You can’t imagine how annoying it is to see a hungry baby in a tent with no bottle. A bottle maker is useful because you can make fresh milk for your little one. This will keep him or her happy and healthy.


The next camping tips for kids that you need to remember to include the clothing that you pack for your babies. Most of the clothing that babies wear are loose so it’s important that you have an extra pair of clothes just in case your baby gets sick. It’s wise to bring extra diapers so that you won’t be spending too much money buying new ones for your babies once you get back from your camping trip. Lastly, ensure that you have enough baby food as they tend to eat anything that you pack for them. Keep in mind that your babies will grow very fast so you have to make sure that you have enough supplies to last them for the next few months.

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