Camping Sleeping Pad Outdoor Travel Mat


If you have this camping sleeping bag that will be a perfect option for backpacking as well as hiking. Get this camping sleep pad especially when you are going camping with your family members. That is perfect to use. When we are going outside the home it is very hard to get sleep. This usually happens when we are not in our familiar bed. When you don’t have an comfortable mat whenever you are going camping. It will become difficult for you to sleep especially at night.

It will be hard for you to sleep especially in damp ground. To overcome this problem during camping. You can use this camping sleeping travel mat.With this travel mat, you will not worry about how you sleep when you are in camp. This camping sleeping pad comes with a special PU coating that can help to provide protection even from water drops. This travel mat gives you cosy feeling even when you are outside the home.

Camping Sleeping Pad Outdoor Travel Mat 

This outdoor travel mat comes with a storage sack. Which make it easy to carry everywhere along with you. This camping sleeping pad design in such a way that it comes with 10-15 breaths. So that you can inflate sleeping pad quickly without any difficulties.  By doing so you can set this camping sleeping Pad quickly and also easily. Moreover, this travel mat comes with a design that forms as per the shape of your body for optimal comfort as well as back support. So you can wake up the next morning happily and comfortably without any kind of back sore or any discomfort. That cause because of uncomfortable sleeping.

This outdoor travel mat will only take a few seconds for deflation. It makes it very easy and convenient to put away to store it.

Perfect To Use In A Chair And Hammock

You can also use this outdoor travel mat even in chair and hammock for comfortable sitting.  This outdoor travel mat has a flexible structure. That can perfectly fit well on most ground surface and floors. You will enjoy camping only when you have a better camping sleeping bed that enables you to sleep comfortably.  No matter where you travel if you have this camping sleeping pad. Then you can sleep comfortably everywhere. Especially during night. The material used while making this camping sleeping pad is 20D, 40D, nylon, TPU film and PU coating.

The inflated size is about 181 x 61 x 6.3cm. The storage size of this travel mat is around 20 x 8 x 8cm. This Camping travel mat is available with different size as well as with different colours that are given below.

  • Blue, weight is around 380g.
  • Green / Orange / Black are available in same size i.e. 460g.

What are you waiting for? place your order now. It is the best product especially when you go camping or hiking. With this, you can sleep comfortably during the night. It is lightweight and also portable. It is easy to use. You can also gift this product to your friends to go camping or hiking.