Camping Gear For Dogs – Pet Owners Should Have Their Dog’s Gear on Hand For First Aid

camping gear for dogs

It was nice to have my four-legged companion with me camping this past weekend. He is a real sweet boy and he adores camping with his owners. However, he is still a pup and has his own special needs that all dog owners should know about. I learned a lot from him and my wife made it out to be a really enjoyable trip for us. This is an article I have written to help others in planning their next camping trip with their pets.

Dogs are a great way to help keep you entertained on your outdoor adventures. Many dog owners do not realize that camping is a great way to bring the family closer together. One thing that did help us out in our camping trip was to prepare as best we could for our outdoor adventure by packing some camping gear for dogs.

An Overview

By packing dog camping gear specifically for dog camping, means gear specifically designed for camping with a sick dog. We have two dogs, Chase and Kingston; they have health problems with bloat and diarrhea. These diseases are easily treatable if they are caught early enough. So it was very important for us to pack the right supplies to ensure their well being. Here are some other things we brought with us on our trip:

A leash was necessary to secure our dog to our side at all times. We chose a medium duty leash that would last us for many trips to come. Our leash was also used for walking our pup. It was lightweight and easily stored in a backpack or messenger bag. If needed, we could take another backpack and replace the leash with it.

Camping Gear For Dogs

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While hiking and camping, dogs need fresh water to avoid dehydration. Therefore, a portable water filter and clean water container were a must for each dog. We chose a collapsible water bottle from PetSmart. We found this item lightweight and easy to carry. The collapsible design made it great for campers or hikers. Our PetSmart collapsible water filter held up for many trips to come.

Another must have for dogs on any camping trip is a set of waterproof dog boots. Our dogs enjoyed the white and gray colors of the booties we purchased. The boots were comfortable and kept them cool in the hot sun. We made sure to pack plenty of sunscreen so they too would be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

For dog owners who camp, they know how important it is to have a quality dog tent. In order to help our dogs stay safe and comfortable, we purchased several different types of tents. We chose to purchase an above ground drop-in tent, a tunnel tent, a tarp tent and a full-service dog tent. These were our favorite choices because they offer plenty of ventilation and are great at shielding our dogs against the weather elements.

With all of our gear in hand, we made our way to the campground. Our excitement began to grow when we saw that there were many other campers at the campground. Our dog packs became full quickly and we needed to pack even more snacks and drinks to keep them satisfied throughout the day. The excitement of finally arriving at our destination continued as we walked into the tent and our anxious dogs awaited our arrival. We quickly made it inside and relaxed, waiting for our eagerly awaited adventure.

In The End

I told him that I would definitely be bringing along a first aid kit and a pet collar with ID tags. We talked for a few minutes more and then I went to buy some treats and goodies. As I was leaving I asked him if I could see current prices for dog gear at PetSmart. He said that he did not know and walked away as I approached my vehicle. I came back to my car and immediately called the store and asked if they had any dog gear available in that size that I was looking for.

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