Camp Kitchen Checklist For Camping Beginners


If you are one of the camping beginners, you have to take care of many things. Out of these, the camp kitchen plays the most crucial role. The requirements for the camping kitchen varies depending on the type of trip and also your cooking ability. Do you think you are a camp gourmet? Then set up a unique kitchen and surprise others who have come for camping.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you should follow some basic rules when it comes to cooking outdoors. Thus, I am going to provide you with a checklist for the camp kitchen. I have included all the essentials; however, you can customize the list according to your needs.

Camp Kitchen Checklist For Camping Beginners
Camp Kitchen Checklist For Camping Beginners

Cooking Items For Camping Beginners

A stove and some fuel, lighter or matches, cooking pots with lids, frying pans, different utensils for cooking like tongs, spatula, whisk, or large spoons are essential for any camping trip. Besides, you need to take a cutting board along with a knife for chopping veggies or meat.

Also, you can keep firewood, grill rack, charcoal, aluminum foil, and camp grill when you are going on the trip.

If you are fond of tea or coffee, taking a tea maker or coffee maker is a good idea. Measuring cups and spoons, big bowls, and blender come very handily while you are outdoors.

Camping Beginners Should Learn To Set Up The Table

Setting up the dinner table correctly while camping is a great idea. It adds a thrill to the trip. For this, you need some essential items. Plates, forks, knives, spoons, cups, a beautiful tablecloth, water bottles, and lanterns are the necessary items. Do not forget to keep napkins on the table.

Camping Kitchen Storage

You must keep some items in the store while you are camping outdoors. These items include ice cubes, coolers, food containers that are resistant to rodents, small boxes for keeping left-over foods and egg holders. Besides, large bags for taking the kitchen gear and resealable bags are also convenient.

Cleaning Up Camp Kitchen

Only setting up the kitchen is not enough. When you are about to leave the camping site, you need to clean the area correctly also. So, you need some items for cleaning purposes, such as a sink, large jug for water, biodegradable soap, and a sponge for rubbing. Paper towels and quick-dry towels, clothesline with good clips, bags for keeping trash and dish drying racks also play a vital role in cleaning up the kitchen.

Camp Kitchen Checklist For Camping Beginners
Camp Kitchen Checklist For Camping Beginners

Basic Foods For Camping Beginners

When you have decided to go camping, make it a point to buy lots of food items which you can keep for long. Rice, dried pasta, salt, various spices, black pepper, and cooking oil are a must. Also, take tea bags or instant coffee if you are a frequent tea drinker. You can take bottles of hot chocolate too.

If you use sugar in your meals, you can take it. Otherwise, opt for natural sweeteners like honey or other sugar substitutes. For quick breakfast, oatmeal and pancakes are great options. So, do not forget to take a big packet of oatmeal and pancake mix that is readily available in the store.

Take a jar of peanut butter and jam with you. Keeping cans of dried fruits is wise. Dry fruits can serve as proper snacks.