Build A Campfire: 5 Useful Tips For It


For many of us, a campfire is essential whenever we go on camping. Sitting beside it during the evening and chatting with other campers – it is a great idea. The vibrant light of the campfire makes the evenings vivacious. So, you must have an idea about how to build a campfire. 

Build A Campfire: 5 Useful Tips For It
Build A Campfire: 5 Useful Tips For It

Build A Campfire – First Building A Fire Ring 

If you are in the campgrounds, then always build a fire i the proper fireplaces or fire rings. This way, you can keep the fire contained. First, ask the operator whether the campfire is allowed or not. 

If you have chosen any undeveloped place for camping, then you might need a permit for a campfire. Keep the fire away from bushy areas. Moreover, if any low branches are there, keep the fire small. 

If you are going to backcountry areas for camping, you should use the existing ring for fire. You should use sand or mineral soil or gravel as the base of the fire pit. Other than these, no flammable materials should be there. 

Collecting Fire Wood

Three kinds of fuel are necessary for a good fire. Firstly, you need a tinder that contains forest items, dry leaves, and twigs from the trees. Secondly, you need kindling that includes small sticks. It is better to opt for the ones that are of one inch or less. Third, you need firewood. For it, you can choose any large piece of wood. 

In the campgrounds, you can opt for any local variety of firewood. You can quickly get them from the stores in that area. Do not bring the wood from your house because many campgrounds do not allow it. 

In the backcountry areas, always choose the downed wood. Do not cut trees or branches from them. 

Now Build A Campfire 

You can build a fire in three forms. One is a cone; the second is a log cabin, and the third is a pyramid. Make a small cone by gathering the tinder at the fire ring center. When the fire will become strong, add the big logs if needed. 

You can make the log cabin by placing two firewood pieces parallelly. Keep two small firewood perpendicularly so that you get a square shape. Now put lots of fuel inside, followed by tinder as well as kindling at the top. 

To form the fire in shape of a pyramid, place the largest logs at the base. The upper log layers will be small gradually. The top layer will have lots of tinder along with kindling. 

Build A Campfire: 5 Useful Tips For It
Build A Campfire: 5 Useful Tips For It

Lighting The Fire

You can use either a lighter or a match stick to light the fire. After that, you should blow it from the base so that it gets the oxygen, and the flame becomes strong. When the fire burns, there will be lots of lots of ashes. Move them to the center so that they can burn thoroughly. 

Put Out The Fire 

To put out the fire, you should pour enough water so that no light remains. Besides that, you should ask the operator of the campground what to do. Abide by their recommendation.