Best Camping Tents of 2019 For You

Best Camping Tents of 2019 For You

Comfort and safety happen to be the topmost priorities when it comes to camping tents. For a luxurious experience of the outdoors, the best camping tents are usually preferred, which has a lot of features and spacious at the same time. 

This year if you are planning to have some adventures outdoors and wish to purchase a camping tent, you must go through the following list. 

Best Camping Tents of 2019 For You
Best Camping Tents of 2019 For You

Some Of The Best Camping Tents Of 2019  

REI Co-op Kingdom Camping Tents – $469

camping tent has a floor area: 83.3 sq. Ft., two doors and can accommodate a maximum of 8 persons. It has enough space that can be used to create separate rooms. Because of its superb quality and build, the REI Co-op Kingdom tops the list of the best camping tents of 2019.    

Coleman Sundome Camping Tents – $90

The floor area of this camping tent is 100 sq. Ft. and it has one door. It is good for a maximum of 6 persons. Although you have to sacrifices on certain luxuries, yet, at $90, the Coleman Sundome does an amazing job to make your camping experience satisfying.

Marmot Limestone – $359

A floor area of 59.7.sq. Ft. this camping tent has the capacity for a maximum of 6 persons. It has 2 doors. It can be considered as one of the best camping tents of 2019 for its ample space and weather-resistant capacity. 

Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model – $650

Is a very strong weather resistant camping tent that has a floor area of 90 sq. Ft. and capacity for a maximum of 8 persons. If you want to camp in rough weather conditions, the Cabela’s Alaskan guide model is the best. The tent will stand strong even in the extreme wind because of its tough fabrics, thick polyurethane floor, and full coverage rainfly.    

Kelty Discovery – $200

Camping tent offers a floor area of 97.5 sq. Ft. And has the capacity to accommodate up to 6 persons. It comes with a good amount of features at a decent price. Although it is of good quality, yet it is not quite recommended for extreme weather conditions. However, it is indeed fine mid-range choice for occasional campers. 

Kodak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe – $650

A floor area of 140 sq. Ft. This camping tent comes with 2 doors and suitable for a maximum of 8 persons. It comes into the best camping tents of 2019 mainly for its ultra-tough canvas build and weather-resistant capacities. As it is made of canvas, you can imagine the features that come with it. Apart from its tough built, this camping tent is favorable for any temperature. It traps the heat and keeps you cool in hot weather and vice versa. The hunting crowd mostly prefers this tent for the kind of features that it provides.

If you are a frequent camper and camp even in severe weathers, go for the strongly built camping tents as a long term investment. But if you go for camping rarely, the budget-friendly ones will do the job.  

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