Best Camping Accessories to Buy for Thrill and Comfort

camping accessories ideas

You need the right accessories and equipment to enjoy your camping trip. Every year, enthusiasts develop new and better accessories to enhance your experience. Here is a list of the ultimate camping accessories you can invest in.

Instant Cabin Style Tent

A man standing in front of a green tent on a grassy hill

Add a homey feel to your next camping adventure with the 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent from CORE Equipment. Fitted out with pre-attached poles, this cool cabin style shelter allows for hassle-free setup in 60 seconds! Plus, it features a room divider, as well as zippered doors and windows for convenient privacy and ventilation. Additional features include hanging storage pockets and a fully-taped water-resistant rainfly, which creates the illusion of sleeping under the stars once removed.

First Aid Kit

A tent in a field with a mountain in the background

Just like food and water, a first aid kit is a must when going to remote areas. Designed for daily adventures, this ultra-packable medical set by VSSL is actually a LED flashlight packed with everything you could possibly need in case of an emergency, from painkillers and antiseptic wipes to tweezers and nitrile gloves. It even includes a compass and an emergency whistle. All items are rolled into a sleek, indestructible 9″ long tube that you can easily attach to your outdoor gear and carry with you anytime.

Ultimate survival tool

One of our favorite pieces of survival gear, the EST Shovel is a portable 18-in-1 multi-tool capable of saving the day in a wide range of outdoor scenarios. With a carbon steel spade and military-grade aluminum handle, the fantastic utensil combines durability and performance into a lightweight, smartly designed package that can slim down to as little as 2.5 pounds.

Envisioned with adventure in mind, this tactical shovel is easy to disassemble and includes an axe, knife, saw, spear, bottle opener, fire starter, wire-cutter, trowel, hex wrench set, nail puller, pick, ruler, hook, screwdriver, whistle, compass, and rope cutter. Built to last forever, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty and comes in a waterproof, form-fitting pouch for easy storage, carrying, and protection.

Clothing Washing Backpack

From the creators of The Scrubba wash bag (world’s smallest washing machine), this durable, versatile backpack combines a portable shower, compression dry bag, and washing machine into one of the most original pieces of gear you can add to your camping collection.

Made from waterproof 40 denier nylon fabric and complete with adjustable straps, the Scrubba Stealth Pack does much more than just storing your travel essentials. The internal washboard makes it easy to wash your clothes anytime, anywhere, while a new multifunctional valve helps transform the pack into a camp shower or a compression bag for compact storage when the situation calls for it.

Portable Inverter Generator

Looking for a portable source of power for your recreational needs? The WEN 56203i Inverter Generator has you covered, delivering 2,000 running watts in a compact, lightweight package that’s easy to transport and store.

Packed with safety features and a variety of outlets, this machine will keep all your electronics up and running on the campsite, all without damaging them or disturbing your neighbors. The built-in ECO-mode adjusts fuel consumption and gives the generator a longer run time.

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