Backpacking Checklist: What To Carry In Your Pack


Are you planning for an outing or hiking? Well, everyone wants to enjoy a unique adventure in their life. So, they go on hiking, climbing trekking and more. But in the excitement, then forget to follow the backpacking checklist. There is a lot of things that you need to consider while backpacking. However, there are three things that you should always carry with you.

Trekking or hiking includes some inherent risks. Sometimes, things can turn out wrong even though you have already planned your journey. However, if you have the right equipment or gear with you, you can minimise the risk. So, let’s talk about three essential items that you should include in your backpacking checklist.

Three Significant Things That You Should Add In The Backpacking Checklist

Don’t Forget To Include A Knife

Backpacking Checklist-  Things To Carry
Backpacking Checklist- Things To Carry

It is something quite vital equipment to carry on the hiking or backpacking trip. This is something that you can use for a different purpose, even for hunting. Talking more about it, prefer to carry is a fixed blade model having a full tang. But remember that such types of the knife can weigh more and bulky. But you can also use a fold-able knife. However, make sure the knife has a sharp blade. Choose a knife which comes with a locking mechanism to keep your fingers safe. You can also use a knife with a half-serrated blade.

Include Fire-starter As Well

It can be quite hard for you to survive or stay safe in the jungle if you don’t have a fire. So, you must learn the process of starting a fire in an emergency. Moreover, in harsh weather condition, it will be a fire which will keep you warm. Besides, you can use this as a signal for help. So, add at least two light starting equipment in your backpacking checklist.

Moreover, you can take the disposal lighters. If possible, take full matches in a waterproof bag. Are you looking for a perfect fire starter? Then, go for the Swedish Fire-Steel. In general, it works in any weather.

Backpack Checklist – Make Sure To Add First Aid Kit

While hiking, don’t let small injuries to create a massive issue. So, to prevent such condition, carry a good-quality first aid kit. However, make sure that it has all the things to treat scrapes, cuts, and other different illness.

Some Other Things To Add In The Backpacking Checklist

More Backpacking Checklist – Food And Water Supplies

Carry food supplies and water. However, if it is not possible for you to carry water, then remember to take a water purifier. For foods, you can use the military MREs. In general, these are not tasty but will save your life in an emergency. So, include them in the backpacking checklist.

A Guidebook Or A Map

Backpacking Checklist-  Things To Carry
Backpacking Checklist- Things To Carry

If you are travelling for a long distance, for example, different countries then always carry a guide or map with you. At some places or when you are in the jungle, you will not find people to ask direction. A plan can help you with this.

Backpacking checklist includes a lot of things that you need to consider while going for hiking, climbing trekking and more. So, these are a few essential things that you should always carry with you. Prepare for the adventure with a perfect checklist and enjoy your journey.