An Ultimate Guide About Camping Gear Storage

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It’s so peaceful to finally have a break from all your stress, work and go for camp in the arms of nature. Walking through the forests under the cool breeze with the sweet smell of muddy land is just incredible. Camping is really fun but finishing the packing for camping is a tedious task. There is so much packing material like the first aid kit, whistle, rain jacket, blanket, flashlight, fire kit, water filters, etc. At the same time, camping is a tiresome task like digging through piles of clothes to find the camping jackets with more pockets or struggling to find hiking boots and much more. It is simple work for those who go camping very often but extremely difficult for those who rarely. So for convenience, it becomes very much important for them to have proper camping gear storage at home. 

Important Pointers To Keep In Mind For Camping Gear Storage

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Always keep these basic pointers in mind about camping gear storage for better management.

Small Storage Space

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If you are out of much space and have camping gears in excess, you need to give away useless items. For instance, if you have just one closet, hang all the clothes so that you can easily find your regular clothes. Donate those things or clothes that you don’t need, and it would also be charitable work for humanity. You can put gears in your backpack if you have extra ones that you use less often. They can hold things when you are not using them. Like you can pack sleeping bags, hats, self-inflating sleeping pads, etc., in it. 

Midsize Storage Spaces

If you have a small storage room, things become easier for you. You can more conveniently store things. Bins are a great option for mid-sized spaces. You can keep all your small camping gear in them and place them anywhere according to your convenience. Plastic bins with a lid are easy to handle and lightweight. Make sure to add packets of desiccant in each bin to keep the things dry. You can use tall laundry baskets to store long items like trekking poles, oars, etc. 

Large Spaces

Large spaces don’t have storage issues, but they become a big issue when things are not kept organized. 

For better organization, one can use racks of wood or wood shelves. With these shelves, things become handy, and one can quickly take out gears without any search. Ropes, helmets, etc., are easy to keep on shelves. Bins, big baskets, trunks, etc., can store things in an organized way. Big storage rooms can even be personalized. For example, you can paste photos of your past camping trips on the walls to inspire you for more such trips and keep a diary to write down all the moments. 


Camping is a fun activity that relaxes us and makes our minds free from stress and tension. Separate camping gear storage is a must if you often make camping plans.  

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