7 Top Camping Gear List for 2020

Camping is an outdoor activity where we stay away from home overnight in a tent. While performing this activity, we often require a group of adventurous people who like spending time in nature. Camping is a personal experience. It enhances our strengths, weaknesses, desires, needs, etc., and makes it clear in our heads. We should carry a few essential elements which we require while camping. These products are known as camping gears. And a camping gear list is vital to pack things for camping.

A good camping experience comes from the thing that we pack for our trips. Carrying the essential pieces of stuff in the bag pack makes it easy and refreshing to explore the beauty of nature. Thus packing essential camping items gives us a restful vacation. So, in this article, we’re going to discuss the 7 top camping gears list for 2020.

Tent- First Item In Camping Gear List

A tent is the most essential element we should pack before setting off on a camping trip. No matter how much we enjoy star gazing if we aren’t carrying a tent, we can face difficulties like storms, heavy dewfall, etc. resulting in fever or hypothermia. Thus, keeping a tent prevents us from getting sick and also protects us from high wind. To set up a tent, it is important to carry ropes, tent poles, stakes, and a rain fly.

7 Top Camping Gear List for 2020
7 Top Camping Gear List for 2020

Sleeping Bag- Second Item In Camping Gear List

The idea of sleeping in the grass may sound very romantic, but in reality, if we skip the idea of taking a sleeping bag for camping, it will become the worst decision ever. As night falls the temperature also starts falling, at times more than 15 degrees, thus keeping a sleeping bag helps us warming up. Various harmful insects can also affect us if we do not carry a sleeping bag.

Water- Items Of A Camping Gear List

We need to carry freshwater when we are traveling outdoors. It becomes crucial if we run out of the supply of fresh water. Drinking water from nearby lakes, ponds, or the river is quite a health hazard due to the unknown bacteria it carries. Thus, we need to carry a good supply of freshwater in camelbacks, or instant water purifier tablets in case of refilling from the nearby natural sources.

First Aid Kit

While camping, hiking for a long day can result in body aches or blisters, hence we should always keep bandage and painkillers along with us. If we do not treat small cuts or scratches immediately, it can turn into serious infections, thus keeping a first aid kit is very important while camping. The first aid kit should always include scissors, bandages, glue, soaps, antiseptics, painkillers, and an emergency whistle.

7 Top Camping Gear List for 2020
7 Top Camping Gear List for 2020

Pocket Knife

While traveling outdoors, the most important tool is a pocket knife. A pocket knife can be used for various reasons like trimming a rope, cutting fish, chopping vegetables, slicing cheese, opening a package, sharpening sticks, etc.


Though campfires are quite cozy, we often require more light. Lanterns come handy mostly during midnight bathroom trips.

A Camping Pillow

A camping pillow is a must if we travel outdoors for more than 1 night. The pillow should be made of soft foam so that you can pack that easily and expand when taking out.

Thus, whether it’s a solo camping trip or with a group, carrying these essential items is compulsory. If we skip any of these items, we should mentally prepare ourselves for getting frustrated and disappointed throughout the trip.

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