7 Delicious Camping Food Ideas

Food that is prepared for camping is known as camping food. These types of food differ in the ingredients which are used in our typical kitchens. While packing for camping food, we need to take care of the foods cooking time, weight, and natural content. When it comes to camping food ideas, we should always carry a checklist that will help us to plan our meals.

Camping food mainly contains freeze-dried foods, dehydrated foods, and precooked foods. We should always focus on planning meals carefully with limited cooking equipment and counter space. We should carry packaged food rather than raw food, as there are high chances of not getting enough space to cook elaborately. There are various ways in which we can prepare camp meals. In this article, we’re going to discuss 7 delicious camping food ideas.

Three-Way S’mores- Camping Food Ideas

We all are very much aware of S’mores. It is easy to pack marshmallows and cookies due to their lightweight. All we need is chocolates, a bunch of strawberries (easily found in nature), and a little bit of peanut butter, which can be packed in small containers and are easy to carry. In this recipe, we have given a little twist. Hence, we grill the marshmallows along with the other ingredients and put them in between the cookies. The strawberry helps us balancing the natural contents, and chocolate gives us energy, which we require during camping.

7 Delicious Camping Food Ideas
7 Delicious Camping Food Ideas

Hot Dogs- Camping Food Ideas

Hot dogs are the easiest and simplest to cook. We require packaged sausages, hot dog buns, and a stick of butter which hardly requires space and very light to carry. We need to grill the sausages, spread butter on the buns, and eat. Probably this is the food easiest to make but leaves the mouth wanting for more.

Burger- Camping Food Ideas

Burgers are the most staple food at the campsite. We need to carry a grilling rack, some coal, and buns. For preparing burger, we need to set up the rack, light up the coal, and put the salt-infused burger patties on top of the hot grill. We can also carry some condiments and vegetables along with us to eat along with the burgers.


We need to carry a cast iron pan, nuts, oil, and maple syrup to cook granola at a campsite. We need to heat the cast iron pan, roast some nuts, add a bit of oil, and maple syrup (as per preferred consistency) to prepare this meal. This meal is not only easy to make, but the ingredients are also easily packed and carried.

7 Delicious Camping Food Ideas
7 Delicious Camping Food Ideas

Shrimps Cooked In Foils

Packaged shrimps are ideal to carry along with the grill, and some foils. We need to cook the shrimp inside the foils and put them on the grill. These meals are light and refreshing. It is an ideal food after a hectic day at the campsite.

Grilled Veggies

We need to drizzle some oil on a cast iron pan, grill veggies in it, and sprinkle over some chili flakes and salt. This gives us a wholesome food after a hectic camping day.

Cheese Pizza

It might sound weird as a camping food but very easy to make. We need to grill packaged pizza bread on a skillet and top it with loads of grated cheese. We need to carry a skillet, packaged pizza bread, and cheese to cook this meal on a campsite.

Thus, meals that can be easily prepared and cooked with little twists are ideal as camping foods.

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