6 Clever Music Festival Camping Tips

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A music festival is generally held in a large ground. It goes for a few days sometimes. If you are planning to attend such a fest and camp on the ground there, then here are some clever tips you must keep in mind.

1. Attach bulky items to the outside of your rucksack

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One of the main challenges of camping at a festival is the sheer amount of stuff you need to take with you. So don’t limit yourself to shoving everything inside your rucksack – you can create extra storage space by hanging bulky items on the outside of your rucksack with Velcro ties.

2. Make a flag and put it outside your tent 

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Don’t underestimate the sheer number of other people that you’ll be camping with. Music festivals literally have seas of tents, which can make it quite the challenge trying to find yours late at night.

So we’d recommend making an easily recognisable flag that you can stand outside your tent as a marker. It’s super easy to do with Velcro brand stick on tapes.

3. Roll up outfits for each day

Can’t decide which clothes to pack? Resist the urge to pack everything and decide when you get there by rolling up outfits for each day with Velcro brand one-wrap ties. This simple festival camping tip will make it much easier to pack (and unpack)!

4. Stick a mirror to the wall of your tent

Doing your make-up in a tent can be tricky – but you can make it easier by sticking a portable mirror to the wall of your tent with Velcro brand stick on fabric tapes.

5. Decorate your tent with fairy lights

Your festival tent is your home away from home – and chilling around the campsite is one of the best parts of a festival. So make it more atmospheric by attaching fairy lights to your tent with Velcro one-wrap ties.

6. Wrap up charger cables

Chances are you won’t want to be without your phone at the festival (even if you’re not texting people, you’ll want it for taking photos and Instagramming!) So if you’re taking a portable charger, we’d recommend wrapping up your charger cable with Velcro brand one-wrap ties.


Last but not least, you must make it a point to roll up your sleeping bag. You also need to make sure everything you take with you is easy to carry! Your sleeping bag and tent are the bulkiest items you’ll need at a festival and you can make them easier to carry by wrapping them up with Velcro brand ties. Not to mention, it’s much easier to roll them up like this than stuff them back into a tiny bag!

These are some clever tips  you must keep in mind while attending a music fest and camping there. These tips will help you be sorted with your stuff and camping gear.

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