4 Great Kentucky Campgrounds Near Big Bone Lick State Park

big bone lick state park campground

Big Bone Lick State Park Campground is nestled in the Soddy Daisy River Watershed just south of the Ozark Mountains in northern Kentucky. The name of the park came from the numerous Pleistocene megafaunal fossils discovered there by science. These bones belong to such an extinct group of animals as Menhirsaurus and Diplodociphorines. Mention was made of these big prehistoric creatures in ancient Greek and Roman literature. Later, people across Europe and the United States began to believe that these gigantic creatures really existed.

An Overview

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The entire site of the campground rests under a large limestone hillsock and sits just above the Ozark Mountains. Geologists and paleontologists have found evidence of multiple prehistoric lakes in the area. These lakes likely fed small streams and rivers which transported silt and dirt in the area. The presence of a mini golf course in the vicinity of the campground may draw some families into taking a dip in the scenic Big Bone Lick State Park campground.

There is an abundance of camping opportunities and amenities at the Big Bone Lick State Park campground. The site is very close to the Ozark Mountains. There is access to miles of hiking and biking trails. You will also find several miles of beautiful wooded hiking and biking trails. Another plus to staying at the in big bone lick state park campground is it’s close proximity to the Ozark Mountains.

Kentucky Campgrounds

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The park is near three major mountain streams such as Snake river, Little River and Creek. There is an easy hiking trail that leads to the restrooms, picnic area, and the trail to the Big Bone Lick Cave. You will find panoramic views of the forest canopy on a clear day. The trail continues through the forest to a stone arch which contains a sign that provides information about entering the cave. The path then makes an easy climb and turns right where you will see two holes that lead to another set of steps to enter the cave.

This trail leads to the second discovery trail, which leads to a picturesque view of Cave Mountain. You will also see two other rock formations that were formed by mammoths. The discovery trail also makes a great hike for the kids. If you would like to spend more time exploring the site, you can hike the Appalachian Trail which goes all the way to Bowling Green. If you decide to explore the area further, you can take a Jeep tour to the Cave Mountain National Recreation Area.

This campground is one of the best locations in Kentucky to visit and explore. There are several trails that you can choose to follow in order to get the wonderful view of the surrounding mountains and the Big Bone Lick. One of the most popular attractions is viewing the massive herds of moose. To get an excellent view of these majestic creatures, you must make your way to the Wabash National Grassland. It is also home to a breeding center for endangered species of birds. As you journey further into the wilds of Kentucky, you will encounter a variety of wild animals including many rare species of bats and some varieties of whales.

This park also features a beautiful lake that offers miniature golf course that will help you relax on a warm summer day and enjoy nature. This park also offers four great campsites, which is perfect for your family. A campground near this park is another great option for overnight accommodations as well as hotel room reservations.

In the End

Camping at Big Bone Lick State Park will give you the opportunity to experience primitive camping and hiking. The Big Bone Lick campground hosts four campsites and this provides more campsites for overnight accommodations. You can easily find affordable cabins or you can have a luxury tent to stay in. This park offers a lot of outdoor activities including orienteering, hunting, fishing, hiking and swimming. These outdoor activities will take you to the doorstep of Big Bone Lick and give you the chance to see the wildlife up close.

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