3 Tasty Camping Food Ideas

easy camping food ideas

Summer is almost here, and what better time to be thinking up some fun and easy camping food ideas. Camping in the summer can be a bit suntan, so eating right is extremely important. Many families love to camp out in the summer but always pulling together easy camping food was not all that strong suit.

This year I am going to try and make summer camp cooking as easy as possible. That means no more trying to figure out how to make stew and spend time trying to find good camping recipes. Here are some of my best easy camping food ideas for your next summer camping trip. Just remember, when you are looking for the best recipes, do not settle for the instant camp cookware, as they are usually filled with fillers and spices that you may not want to eat.

Dehydrated Vegetables

Many camp stove recipes call for dehydrated vegetables, which is one of the easiest ways to prepare meals while hiking in the wild. Pack some veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) into a backpack, a container, or whatever container you have on hand, and get hiking. When you reach your destination, put them in your refrigerator and forget about them.

Another one of my easy camping food ideas is a campfire breakfast sandwich. This can be very easy to make if you have the right ingredients. For starters, you will need whole-grain bread, dried fruit, and milk. Take your bread and mix it with dried fruit until it is the consistency of wet bread dough. Next, get a large saucepan, bring your wet mixture to a boil, and then add your fruit and milk.


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Dessert is often overlooked when planning easy camping meals. However, desserts do not have to be sweet, nor do they have to be bad. If you are in a mood for something light, consider making a camping bake sale at your local market. You can sell it as is or make adjustments to it to suit your needs. An easy camping breakfast sandwich recipe is a great place to start!

If you would rather go with an entirely different flavor, you can easily switch things up by substituting banana for the potato and adding some spices and flavorings to the mix. For example, instead of using regular flour, you can use potato starch or tapioca flour to create your unique take on the classic breakfast dish. Cooking in a skillet is easy when you have the right tools and the right ingredients. If you need easy camping food ideas, cook up a batch of bananas, add some apple juice and spices to a skillet, and enjoy your new recipe!


A quick campfire snack idea that won’t drain your wallet is to pack an inexpensive jar of your favorite snack cake mix. Use any flavors you like, such as chocolate or cinnamon. Once you have your mix prepared, you can add your items and pop your dinner into the cooler to chill until ready to serve. Using a can opener, grab a cookie from the can and crack it into a bowl. You can also crush fruit into a pulp to add some more bulk to your meal. Camping foods don’t need to cost a lot of money if you just put your imagination and a little bit of extra time into putting together a simple meal.

Final Words

Camping is a great way to escape and enjoy the great outdoors. Making meals allow you to save money while doing the things you love the most. If you are looking for a tasty, budget-friendly way to prepare your favorite camp food, try to make it the old-fashioned way using pre-cooked bacon, canned tomatoes, and a savory flavor such as bacon grease. You will be amazed at the tasty flavors you will add to your meals when choosing precooked bacon over pre-cooked alternatives.

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